Change the law in relation to Bullies and the act of Bullying

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Bullying is defined by the constant harassment in any form.

Teens and Adults are committing suicide as a result of bullies who are constantly tormenting their victims.

Why should the bullies be allowed to "get away" with such actions- bullying an individual so relentlessly the cause another to take their own life?

It is happening to often and social media plays an immense role in this ever expanding issue.

The law needs alteration. Consequences must be implemented.

The purpose of this petition is to introduce intervention in bullying management. 

We must allow the subject of teen/ adult suicide due to bullying to be exposed for the brutal truth that it is. The education of today's youth is essential in this matter, the seriousness of this must be brought to light.

Why should the bullies still be able to live their life in peace with no consequence to their actions.

It needs to stop.

The only way to STOP bullying taking lives is to be heard, YOUR signature will help us achieve a change.

Value your voice and help have a say.