Bring home Australia's women and children from Syria's war zone.

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People make mistakes! Some Australian women made the mistake of marrying Islamic Jihadists. When people make mistakes and have seen the error of their ways, they do not deserve to die for their poor decisions.  

Please ask the Australian Federal Government to bring home the Australian women and children stranded in refugee camps in Syria's war zone.

If these women and young children are not brought home they are likely to be killed. No person should be regarded as stateless. No government should be merciless towards the victims of war.

Demand the Australian Government act in accordance with accepted humanitarian values by bringing home these women and children from Syria. It is the right thing to do and it could be to Australia's advantage.

Bringing home these Australian women and children could actually work in Australia's favor, both for their knowledge and as an example of Australia's willingness to support humanitarianism and basic Human Rights. Please articulate your concerns for these victims of war and sign the petition. Thank you.