Ban Plus500 from the Australian market

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We are calling on the honarable member of parliament Mathias Cormann to regulate forex trading apps. We are also calling him to ban any companies that are scamming Australians of millions of dollars a year. It’s banned in several nations such as the United States. I have read thousands of complains about this company and wish for the Australian people to be free from being scammed out of their money.  I will be posting some complaints below. 


Sir Thomas Picton School
Plus500 please do me a favour your the biggest bunch of crooks about , Ive done so much digging on you since you stole 7k off me in same way as so many other people I’ve read , you’ll pay one day !!!
As authorized and regulated broker i would like to upade you about some great news.

After years of pressure and contacting ALL European Authorities in the highest level, ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) has INSTRUCT all CFD brokers to ALTER-minimize the margin level to protect retail clients (and those who have no idea what they actually do).

Moreover, Binary options are permanetelly BANNED in all E.U

Bear in mind that CFD are illegal products in: USA, Belgium and some other countries due to conflict of interest between the company (for example plus500) and the client.

Dont forget that if you win in a cfd broker then the broker has to pay you from their own money!!! and when you loose (and they will do whatever possible for that) they keep your money as their profits!!!

Warning against Plus500 . I have been using the software to trade the markets. The software does not match the official market and favors the platform over the user. Sometimes deviating from the official price of by several points. They close your trades when it’s on maintenance marginal when it is more benefit for them and leave it open if they can see the trade will take out all your equity. They can pick and choose this as they below stated. This puts the customer at risk always. Also the price it says you pay for a trade and the price you actually is off. The app is a legal scam and needs to be shut down.