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Ban Aerial Culling of Australian Brumbies in all Australian States


Aerial culling has been proven to be inhumane and barbaric in a modern civilisation. Animals are shot from a moving platform as they flee , Animals break legs, abort foals. and in some instance are left unconscious and wake later to walk for days dying a slow painful death. Aerial culling is not used in NSW after 600 Guy Fawkes Brumbies were aerial culled exposing over 226 horses that suffered needlessly. We as Australians ask Aerial culling to be Banned immediatley

Letter to
Kevin Rudd Prime Minister Australia Australian Government
Ban Aerial Culling of Australian Brumbies in all Australian States An Territories

Dear Mr Rudd
Once again we have the Aboriginal Lands Trust using the inflation of
numbers of horses and other false reasons as an excuse to cull the unique
wild horses at Lake Gregory.
Now the number quoted has gone from 700 as estimated by Dr Kim Hames
last year to 10,000, (Clinton Wolfe on ABC radio). This is ridiculous.

At a meeting with representatives of government in 2010 it was decided
that if a cull was to happen it would be done by muster and selective on
the ground head shooting only of groups of injured and old horses separated
from other horses. (DAFFWA, DRDL, RSPCA, Animals Australia, OHHA,
Dept.Animal Welfare, DEC,etc.)
We opposed this decision as we knew that numbers were inflated.
At this same meeting it was agreed that the lake be fenced and water points be
created and maintained for the horses and cattle. We offered to passive trap
some horses for gelding and re-homing. Nothing eventuated, no fencing, no
training in horsemanship for the community.
Dr Kim Hames, following a speech to parliament by Lisa Baker MLA, took the time to meet with me in Broome and flew to the lake to make a more accurate count.
We also have counted the horses, on the ground and right around the lake.
In 2010 we counted 361 horses, in 2011 we counted 460. This was a complete
coverage of the surrounds of the lake by two teams which both did two trips
over 3 days, including north to Bililuna, east to Balgo, south and west along the
Canning Stock Route and further out where there are no horses due to the desert and spinifex.
I sent our maps to you last year.
Recently a group of horses became wedged in mud in a dam near Balgo because
no water point had been provided for them. A simple solar pump and trough
would have prevented these horrible deaths. These horses come in from the
south where water holes dry up in October. Children took some of the foals
to their homes where they were mistreated. RSPCA ordered that they be cared
for in a yard and that troughs be provided for the horses. A statement by Clinton
Wolfe on radio claiming that people were afraid of the horses that came into
the community is not true at all.

After a cattle muster at Mulan last year we requested that we be given permission
to re-home any horses caught up in the muster. This was refused.
People who live at Lake Gregory back up our research, the horse numbers
regulate themselves, old and lame horses die, some taken by dingos and many move away up the Sturt Creek as soon as the rains begin.
Recent research (see attached docs) proves that wild horses improve the land
for cattle by eating just the tops of grasses and leaving the lower parts which
the cattle prefer. Wild horses spread indigenous seed (cattle don’t) and form
natural fire breaks by walking nose to tail to water.(photographic evidence).
In the Netherlands wild horses are introduced to help conserve the environment.
In the famous Carmargue area of southern France more horses have been re-introduced
because after many were removed the land became degraded.
All of these reasons are proof that the wild horses at Lake Gregory should not
be culled.
Our photographic evidence of a helicopter and sniper cull at Frazier
Downs ( by DAFFWA) south of Broome which left 662 horses lying aborting foals, scrabbling in the dust, screaming in pain, is also proof that the cull planned at Lake Gregory by Clinton Wolfe and DAFFWA should not go ahead.
Please read the attached documents.
Yours sincerely
Elizabeth Lovegrove

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