Australian government should spend that 150 million on drought stricken Aussie farmers!!

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The Australian Prime Minister has just announced that the Australian government will be contributing 150 MILLION dollars to the upcoming American Moon/Mars missions...

150 MILLION dollars is a lot of money that could buy some much needed necessities for our aussies farmers who are struggling every single day!   

- 7.5 million small square bales of hay
- roughly 880,000 large round bales
- 7.5 million bags of basic stock pellets
- roughly 30 BILLION litres of water from our local council water collection station

Worst drought in recorded history, a number of regional towns will run out of water within weeks, record bushfire season, record dust storm activity etc... This country is desperate.

But yeah, sure, the Moon is fun too, I guess. 

Myself and so many people in Australia are completely outraged that our government is putting our money into another countries space project and not spending that money on their own people! Selfish, appalling and disgusting is what comes to my mind when I think of our governments actions!

Sign this petition if you agree and think that money should be spent on OUR PEOPLE struggling in this dreadful drought!!! So many places in our great nation are days/weeks away from running out of WATER which is essential for our survival! Let’s show Scott Morrison what a bad decision he is making and he should think of the farmers in his own country first! Let’s fight for OUR COUNTRY AND OUR PEOPLE!

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