Australian Beauty salons to reopen

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I think it’s time to see a lift of restrictions with in the beauty industry! I firmly believe with commonsense and correct precautions we have flattened the covid-19 outbreak curve! This has been demonstrated by the feedback delivered to the people by our State Premiers. I’m putting this petition out there to see if we can gain enough momentum to shed some attention to the beauty industry! In late march 2020 beauty therapists were simply told “tools down” to do their bit and play their part by closing beauty salons to stop the spread of the Covid-19. With the great results shown it’s time to take back our lives and pick up our tools to service the men and women who treat them self for beauty services. Let’s gain some momentum with this petition to have the government hear our call for help by allowing beauty salons with a “one on one” customer interaction to return to work! We need to build a economy stronger and bigger than ever before. I can’t see why strict conditions to allow this industry thrive again can not be reached. If you are a business that can service one client at a time and strictly avoid any gathering of spectators we should be able to return to work. Let’s prove to the government we are prepared to alter the temporary trade of our salons to only service one client at a time, at all times during this pandemic! Sanitising our salons and beauty spaces has always been a very high priority now is our time to prove just that! Sign this petition as a salon owner, a beauty therapist even as a client to get this petition heard and seen! Share with your friends and family and let’s do what we do best! Beauty!