AUS we need your help !!! Cancel rental payments for international students during Covid

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Covid 19 having a devastating affect on small businesses, workers and non - salaried student employees and to employees student. Cancelling rent payments for the duration of the Covid-19 virus pandemic would relieve financial pressure of international students. We don’t have any kind of social protection here, all that they had addressed is for citizens. Our health insurance is unreliable. Suppose that we contracted the virus , we got sick , who’s gonna care for us, no one lives with a family. If anything happens to us no insurance at all. Everyone deserve equal rights and equal help by government.
It is also important that the Australian Government protects us and does not forget that we are a very important contribution to the economy of this Country, we are too many foreign students who have chosen Australia as a destination to fulfill our dreams and we do not deserve to be forgotten in these difficult times. Many of us are left without a job and without an income to pay the rent, pay for our studies and most importantly, many do not have to eat.
Our federal government should act in a similar fashion to Italy’s and mandate the suspension of rent payments during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Listen to us and help us AUSTRALIA we need it ������!!!

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