Animal Abuser Register

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This registry would help identify people with a history of animal abuse. Currently the law is only able to ban abusers from owning a pet for 5 years. A register will hopefully allow people to identify these abusers to sellers thus preventing the abusers from owning pets in the future. 

An on-line registry of animal abusers would significantly benefit communities and law enforcement. Any form of abuse should not be tolerated.

The dog seen pictured is a recent case of neglect in the worse possible form where a young lady starved this dog and is not allowed to own a pet for 5 years. The same day a man also received the same penalty for starving a dog which was found tied to a clothes line starving but luckily was saved in time.  But this was not his first time.

We need to make a stand.  This is happening all over Australia and it must be stopped. As a community we must make our voices heard because the animals cant.