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Allow Non-Aboriginal families to raise Aboriginal children.

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My mother, 48 years old, has been apart of the government agency of Department of Community Services (DoCS) Australia for 10 years, is being told that she should not be caring for children of Aboriginal decent.

I feel this is discrimination; she is a loving, warm and caring mother. She gives the children clothes to wear, food to eat, toys to play with, a warm loving home. Why can't she be allowed to care for children no matter what the race, colour, gender, etc?

Department of Community Services believes that Aboriginal children should be placed with Aboriginal carers. Why, just because they may have the slightest heritage of Aboriginal decent? A carer should not be judged on the colour of their skin, but the way they care for the children.

I am starting this petition to plead with the Department of Community Services and the Australian Government to please stop this discrimination and to allow carers give the child/children a warm, loving family to be with when they have nothing else.

She tries as best she can to respect the heritage/beliefs/religion of any child/children brought into her care.

Aboriginal children do not need Aboriginal carers; they need a carer who will love them no matter what race, colour, nationality, religion, belief, etc. Children need a loving home when they have no one else. They need care, not to be classed under a race.

So far, all of the children we have had in our care have been of many different backgrounds and DoCS were pleased with how they have been treated, given a loving family, etc. The necessities for growing up. But what is to say that soon the words they are saying to become action? That soon the policy will be that Aboriginal children MUST be in an Aboriginal home? Being raised by a Non-Aboriginal family is not different from being raised in an Aboriginal family.

I beg of you, please, sign this petition and bring this issue to the Department of Community Services as well as the Australian Government, so they can understand what the situation is. Children need a carer, not to be classed under a race.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely, Nikita.

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