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Australian Government: Allow the vaccination of de-sexed domestic rabbits against Myxomatosis.

De-sexed house and pet rabbits all over the country are suffering and unnecessarily dying as a result of the illegal nature of myxomatosis vaccination in Australia.

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Australian Government
Please allow the vaccination of domestic rabbits against Myxomatosis.
Currently, the argument against domestic rabbit vaccination is that the preventative measure will spread to wild populations and as a result, increase their immunity to the pathogen. However, this hypothesis has not been tested, let alone proven. A simple solution to this problem, is allowing the vaccination to be available only to de-sexed domestic rabbits. The infrastructure currently in place is already substantial enough to support this program, with Vet records able to be easily communicated and verified. So please, on behalf of all the beloved bunnies in Australia, legalise the Myxomatosis vaccine.

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