Australia and United Kingdom: Don't drop your climate targets

Australia and United Kingdom: Don't drop your climate targets

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Started by Climate Carer

Dear Readers,

I am writing to all of you and my aim is to inform you of a new problem relating to climate change and get you to sign to change this. We all know about the Paris agreements that were agreed upon but Queensland Senator Matt Canavan is saying otherwise about agreeing, according to the Senator, "Australia is not beholden to the Paris Agreements".

Scott Morrison has been criticised for showing little to no interest in the Paris Accords and Australia is now being considered a global laggard. This is embarrassing, we are a first world country and we should be setting an example to other countries!

Meanwhile, it is not just Australia who are backtracking, the United Kingdom has been accused of dropping their climate target. The reason? Well, the reason is for a trade deal with Australia. This trade deal includes Beef from Australia.

During this prospective trade deal, there were originally references to the Paris Climate agreement, The trade deal was supposed to contain references to the Paris goal of limiting global heating. However, the references to the temperature limits have been left out of the trade, whilst everything else has been fulfilled. What this deal could mean for our future? Could this be something that could change the emissions, for worse and not for better? Wait! It gets worse, Sky News has obtained an email from a UK official that showed that the more explicit reference to temperature goals was cut in order to seal the deal with the Australian government. This has been criticized by Greens and Farmers.

So I am not just calling out the Australian Government, I'm calling out the United Kingdom Government too. Sign this petition and we can finally start to work towards a greener future. This needs to be solved because we are heading towards a damaged country, and we need to start making better choices.


19 have signed. Let’s get to 25!