Stop the banning of Light novels, Anime and Manga in Australia

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Today Officially the banning of some Light novels, Manga and Anime in Australia has begun, while I understand this won't affect all of the anime and manga we love I worry that it will only get worse until it is all Illegal.

Some of the manga banned so far have been banned because of the content within, yet the content of that manga is nowhere near as bad as the content of some other things being sold in our country from other countries like America (e.g 50 shades of grey, Multiple horror movies, south park, the Simpsons, futurama, game of thrones, American dad, The last of us part 2, Old man Logan, X-men, The walking Dead, Superman: Red Son, Marvel: Civil War etc) So why is it manga and anime are unable to be classified (light novels, manga and anime still fall under guidelines for R18 if they aren’t okay for a lower rating, as long as it's on shelves for at least adults to get).

Light novels, manga and anime help so many people with mental health issues as well as teach people valuable lessons in life (e.g it helps some people who experience depression as well as teaches that you don't have to go through things alone) if they are taken away it will be at the cost of many peoples happiness and mental states.

Light novels, manga and Anime have always both been close to my heart and helped me through the darkest of times, so today I am starting this petition in hopes that it will allow anime and manga that are being banned and counted as Illegal will be re-reviewed and at the very least if it truly is content not for children then re-released with a higher age rating, I understand not all manga is for children but that does not mean it is un-classifiable otherwise we would not have many different movies, shows and other books.