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In 12 years I will be 31. In 12 years the world be full of chaos, havoc, tragedy and nothing like it is today. In 12 years the people in power will be wishing they cared a little bit more about the climate change and the Earth and a little less about making sure the wealthy were taxed as little as possible....But I mean what do I know I'm only 19 what is a girl like me supposed to know. I've never been to the Great Barrier Reef and with the plans of Adani coal mine the existence of the great Australian landmark will likely be destroyed just to strengthen the economy and wealth for some. Children have been school striking across the globe in order for people to finally recognise and take action on global warming. So why is it that kids are smart enough to recognise the detrimental effect we are having on the planet and how we all need to change our ways, but members of the Australian Government can't justify helping save the planet. So please if you can sign this petition to show the Australian Government that CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL AND NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAVING OUR PLANET as without trying to fix the mess we have caused in 12 years our future would only be wishing we stopped harming the planet and that we cared a little more.