Stop the AFL From Trialling New Rules in AFL Matches in 2018

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The AFL’s CEO Gillon McLachlan recently announced that new rules which will fundamentally change how Australian Rules is played will be trialled in current fixture AFL Games.

We find the idea of trialling new rules for the very first time in the premier sporting competition of our game absolutely farcical and abhorrent.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

There are elements of Australian Rules Football media and administration who have bemoaned and belittled the state of the game, claiming footy being in a shambles and in need of repairs due to 'boring, messy' football.

Many players, coaches, commentators and most importantly supporters believe this is complete and utter nonsense.

This is a petition from the fans, to the AFL, regarding future changes to the game.

We call on the AFL to consult fans, coaches, and players extensively, rather than conducting its own experiments on the game.

We do not believe that introducing new rules mid season will help the game at all. It will reduce the games to novelty and cheapen the effort our 18 beloved clubs put in week in week out.

Many fans believe if there were any change to the 'state of the game' at all, it has been the AFL’s tinkering that players and clubs can't keep up with, resulting in the opinion of 'boring, messy football'. To support this petition, we the fans wish to have a say in how the game is played or changed and how the game is adjudicated. Rumors have circled about the introduction of more rule changes including 'zones' into our game. We believe the fans should have the opportunity to reflect through feedback and vote on these changes through public survey when they are introduced, BEFORE they are bound and determined to be part of our game. If the AFL and its partners are worried about financial gains through its decline in viewership and attendance, they should seek guidance from the fans. This is our opportunity to show our interest in the game we all love and respect, and to show we care about the future of the game.


AFL, give the fans a chance to have a say by popular vote.