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Switch Plastic Cutlery for Wooden Cutlery

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I never realised just how huge the (negative) impact humans are having on the environment is. I've never thought too much about using plastic straws, disposable cutlery and coffee cups. I always thought I was doing the right thing by putting them in the bin. I was shocked to learn that a plastic straw takes over 200 years to break down. It is an extremely scary thought when you realise that a disposable plastic straw is going to outlive you.

I'm urging Australian food retailers to be the change and to swap to biodegradable paper cups and compostable wooden cutlery. The change starts with you. As consumers, we need to choose the better options and mindfully dispose of the items correctly. This probably means all shopping centres will need specific bins for biodegradable items or that we need to commit to taking them home to recycle or compost. 

In the words of a 5 year old I nanny for, "we need to look after our planet" if not for ourselves, for our future generations. Be the change. Start something wonderful. 

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