Demand Australia does not follow the US into War with Iran?

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The US is currently manoeuvring toward a war with Iran. Typically Australians wake up one morning to news that a war has started and Australia has committed to support the US war. The signatories to this petition do not want to experience more of the following;

Australian defence force personnel returning home in coffins or suffering PTSD,

Innocent civilians killed, infrastructure destroyed and another country totally destabilized,

More refugees flooding the world,

US demands that Australia undermines its economy supporting another fabricated war, and,

Increased terrorism inflamed around the world.

After WW2 the US has built an economy, to a large degree, now dependent on feeding the US weapons industry. The US Middle-Eastern allies of Israel and Saudi Arabia have an agenda to destroy Iran and it is increasingly supported by the US. Australia has no grievance with Iran and it is time for Australia to be a role model against US wars. We expect the Senate and the House to respect the wishes of Australians and reject Mr Trump's war(s).