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Investigate & Shut Down MyOpinionsAU + Return Our Monies!

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MyOpinionsAU ( claims to be Australia's No. 1 Paid Survey Website.

I have signed up, expended time & efforts to complete the surveys, and when I finally made it to a point where I could perform a redemption, the redemption was unsuccessful and my account was immediately terminated because I am "in violation of MyOpinion's Terms & Conditions".

From the Facebook page of MyOpinionsAU ( I see that my problem is not unique and there have been many affected innocent users out there, all of whom have been cheated of their time, efforts and monies.

Individually, we may have all been cheated out of $10, $20, $30 or $50 - not a large amount that may warrant concern or investigation by the authorities, much lest for My OpinionsAU to be seen as a scammer or perpetrator of cybercrime of any sorts.

However, I feel that this problem is more serious that it seems and if we all come together as a community and show the authorities how much monies in total we have all lost collectively, they will see how serious this problem is and hopefully they will investigate MyOpinionsAU, help us all recover my hard-earned monies &/or shut down MyOpinionsAU as it is appearing to be a scam.

If MyOpinionsAU, or the Company running it (Survey Sampling Australia Pty. Ltd located @ Level 11, 131 York Street, Syndey NSW 2000, Australia), is collecting fees from establishments to run the surveys but not paying out the dues to the innocent folks out there who have honestly provided time & effort to complete the surveys by killing the accounts of anyone who dares to perform a redemption of their points, this is a scam as far as I am concerned.

So let us come together to prove our might that such scamming websites should not exists, lest it adversely affects other honest survey websites that do honestly reward the community at large for our opinions and for which our little voices could collectively make a change for the better.

If you feel that you have been cheated by MyOpinions :

1) Write down your email address (i.e. Log In ID), and

2) The amount you have lost (i.e. in Lost Redemption $ or Points, where 1 Point = $0.01).

Let us add up all the losses by affected folks to prove how bad this crime is by MyOpinionsAU so that the authorities can take notice of this and hopefully get some necessary actions going.

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