Change the date for Australia Day

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It's time to change the date.
January 26, 1788 was the date on which Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales and raised the British flag for the first time in Sydney Cove, claimed the land for England under the doctrine of "terra nullius", a Latin term for "nobody's land"
From that moment the slaughter and dispossession of Aborigines began.
If there is something to celebrate, it's when Australians asked to amend the Constitution and include Aboriginal Australians in determinations of population.
That happened on May 27th 1967, the date of the referendum which approved two amendments to the Australian constitution relating to Indigenous Australians and successfully asked to removed the Section 51(xxvi) and 127.
Section 127 was wholly removed. Headed "Aborigines not to be counted in reckoning population", it had read: "In reckoning the numbers of the people of the Commonwealth, or of a State or other part of the Commonwealth, aboriginal natives shall not be counted."
These amendments altered sections 51(xxvi) and 127 having the immediate effect of including Aboriginal Australians in determinations of population, and also empowered the Federal Parliament to legislate specifically for Aboriginal Australians.

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