Young Adelaide Family facing deportation due to daughters disability

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Any family should not face this problem if they have someone disabled in their family.

Source: 9news

An Adelaide mother and father are pleading for an eleventh hour intervention as they face deportation because of their daughter’s disability.

Mary George was born with a neurological disorder in 2014 at Lyell McEwin Hospital in the city’s north.

She was on life support for 28 days and didn't leave hospital for almost a year.

Her parents, Seena and Manu, provide around the clock care, while also looking after Mary’s healthy 11-month-old brother.

“In the morning I have to do her bathing and dressing and I have to re-connect the feeds and I need to do a lot of physio,” Mrs George told 9NEWS.

The George family arrived from India in 2011 on student visas and said they are now being refused permanent residency as a result of Mary’s disability.

“We got a letter from immigration, saying my daughter is disabled so that's why,” Mr George explained.

They have reached out to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, but have been told keeping the family in Australia “wouldn't be in the public interest”.

The refusal comes despite Mary's treatment being covered by the family's private health insurance.

Her father is also working full-time as registered nurse in the aged care sector, where qualified workers are scarce.

“We're in a tricky situation about the future, because we came here for a better life, I'm working,” Mr George said.

Their biggest fear is their daughter's condition will get worse in India.

“We don't want to miss Mary's doctor because he knows everything about her,” Mrs George said.

The family has exhausted all their options for appeal,  but they have engaged a lawyer and said they are holding onto hope there will be a late intervention.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection this afternoon told 9NEWS it is considering “alternative visa options” for the George family.

However, without approval they will be forced to leave Australia by the end of the month. 

I hope the petition reaches to the right person and appropriate steps are taken to ensure that the family in not deported.



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