We call on PM Scott Morrison to meet immediately with emergency leaders #attnscottmorrison

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Right now across Australia, widespread fires and extreme weather are endangering our people, homes and ecosystems. Nationwide, people’s feelings of fear and anxiety about the future of our country are reaching boiling point.

It’s time to get PM Scott Morrison’s attention!

Our message is clear:

“Dear Prime Minister, we call on you to meet immediately with emergency leaders including Greg Mullins (former Fire & Rescue Chief)”.

You can add your voice to this message by taking two simple steps:

1) Sign this petition and hit 'Share'

2) Use the hashtag #attnscottmorrison
when you post images of the current fire emergencies across Australian states,
along with the petition link.

This is how you can tell your Prime Minister that you want him to meet with emergency experts to discuss firefighting resources, climate action and a national emergency summit! 

We understand that the priority right now for many Australians is, and must be, to remain vigilant and safe. So this call out is for those of us who have capacity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with affected communities. 

As Hon. Jacinda Arden says, “we have to start moving beyond signs of hope, and deliver signs of action”. 

Please sign and share today! #attnscottmorrison


Suggested short Social Media post to accompany images of fire affected areas: 

#attnscottmorrison Right now our country is burning. Our home is on fire and only action will put out the flames. As an Australian, I call on you @scottmorrisonmp to meet immediately with emergency leaders, including Greg Mullins. It’s time for leadership and action to keep Australia safe.




An additional note on donations made via Change.org:


The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness and communicate a call to action, not to raise funds. As campaign organisers, we are not collecting funds donated through this portal. We appreciate your support to date and if you're eager to make a financial contribution to affected communities, we suggest that you donate directly to a cause via their website.Below are links to the organisations that we've prioritised throughout the campaign.

Read on to find what you're most aligned with as an individual:

- Donate to the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action   

- Donate Blood to the Australian Red Cross - there is an urgent need due to the fires

- Donate to the NSW & QLD fires at the Australia Red Cross

- Donate to Koalas In Care

- Donate to the Koala Hospital

- Donate to the WIRES Emergency Fund

- Become a Wildlife Carer 

Additional Resources:

- Read the Climate Council’s Bushfire Briefing Paper here

- Stay up to date on the NSW Fires Near Me site & app and the QLD Rural Fire Service site

- Find loved ones at Register.Find.Reunite 

- You can talk to someone at any time at Lifeline on 13 11 14

- Resources for Teachers and Parents on how we can talk about emergencies with children and young people are up on the Australian Red Cross site here.

A note on campaign privacy: 

Your support and your privacy is invaluable to us. We will not share any names of supporters or signatories without your proactive consent and confirmation of your permission. On the campaign website, Change.org will share your name and that you have signed if you tick the box allowing them to do so. We welcome you to stand alongside us in putting your name to this call to action. We also are so grateful for the meaningful and personal words people have shared with us and the community within the Reasons For Signing section. 


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