Hands Off Our Hall!

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Stewart Mitchell
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The Australian War Memorial and Federal Government are proposing to WASTE HALF A BILLION DOLLARS demolishing Anzac Hall in Canberra; an award winning work of architecture that is only 18 years old. It will be the only Sir Zelman Cowen Award Medal Winner to have been demolished if the plans to replace it are undertaken.

In this age of unprecedented calls for real-world problems to be solved - from drought relief for farmers and rural communities, shortages of mental and physical health services for actual living war veterans, to action on preventing climate change - half a billion dollars is a prima facie waste of public money; not to mention the complete waste of a perfectly good existing building and the all embodied energy and carbon that its recent construction represents.

I call upon the Federal Government and the Australian War Memorial to scrap this appalling proposal. If additional exhibition space is really needed then put forward a modest proposal that will be acceptable to the Australian Public and redirect the vast majority of the allocated funding to help the living as a better way of remembering the sacrifices of Australian service personnel.