Stop the cost of Australian university increasing for humanities and arts courses

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The next generation of students in Australia is going to be crippled with huge student debt, with humanities and arts courses being directly targeted by a shameless power grab by government. 

Studying humanities subjects at university is set to double but 'job-relevant' courses (predominantly sciences) will be slashed. 

Students enrolling to study law and commerce will have fees raised by 28 per cent. For humanities courses, fees will more than double, putting them alongside law and commerce in the highest price band of $14,500 a year.

Humanities degrees such as Law & economics, management & commerce, society & culture, humanities, communications, behavioural science will now cost $14.5k per year. Medicine, dentistry and veterinary science $11.3k - no impact, and other science degrees $3000-$7000

The government is using a "carrot and stick approach" to funnel students into the industries it believes will drive job growth. (Source ABC News)

Stop the entrenchment of elitism in our education system. Our generation of students should not have to bear the brunt of consistent poor economic planning and policies of our governments. This is an attack on intellectual liberty of thought and critical thinking. It is unconscionable and inexcusable. 

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