Declare "The Grove" a National War Memorial

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The Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (the AATTV) is THE most decorated Australian War unit in military history. It contains four Victoria Cross recipients - indeed, ALL the VC recipients from the Vietnam War came from this unit.  1006 Officers, Warrant Officers, Sergeants and Corporals served in the unit.  Each member has a tree planted for them at "The Grove" at Canungra.  Most of the members who served in this unit have decided that they want to their ashes to be buried under their tree at Canungra.  It is 'their home'.  480 members are already resting there.

Most Vietnam veterans who went through the Jungle Training Centre, Canungra would have been instructed by staff who had served at  least one tour of duty as a member of AATTV or who would subsequently go on to serve with The Team.

Unfortunately, members of the public aren't able to freely visit "The Grove" and pay their respects.  The AATTV would like the Australian Federal Government to declare this site a national war memorial and thus enable the public to honour these men who not only gave so much to the war effort, but also were vilified so vehemently upon their return.  

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