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PBS should pay for Fampyra for all Australians with Multiple Sclerosis

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Over 23000 people are afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis within Australia; Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common chronic disease of the central nervous system among young Australians.
My husband, Mark was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996, 7 days before his 34th birthday, at the time our children were 7, 4 and 2. As he was diagnosed with Progressive MS there has never been any drug or treatment that could be prescribed for him and we, as a family, have watched him deteriorate further and further with no options. Over the years he has put his hand up for any trial that came along, hoping that one may prove useful for him, he was the second person in Australia to trial one of the first stem cell transplants back in the year 2000. He has popped every colored pill, suffered through chemotherapy, crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's trying to find that elusive treatment that may help him.
Now for the first time there is hope with Fampyra, it is the first drug that has been developed that has the potential to help, it is the only drug produced that includes ALL forms of MS in its criteria, including Progressive.
Fampyra (Fampridine) is a proven medication that has the potential to increase the mobility in people with MS, whether they have Relapsing MS or Progressive MS. It is used to help improve the walking ability of adult MS patients. Fampyra works by blocking potassium channels that are exposed on demyelinated nerves and may help to restore nerve conduction in some patients with MS.
Fampyra is described as a symptomatic treatment, which means that ANY person with MS can be prescribed it.
The current treatments available in Australia and available on the PBS are – immunotherapy treatments also referred to as disease-modifying therapies.
Immunotherapy refers to any treatment that is designed to alter the immune system. All Immunotherapy treatments are ONLY suitable and prescribed for Relapsing- Remitting MS –there are NO treatments or therapies available for Progressive MS until now, with the release of Fampyra.
This drug comes at a cost of $600 a month, it was knocked back by the PBAC as not being cost effective to have it free listed on the PBS.
This drug has the potential to keep Australians in the work force for longer, I ask the Australian Federal Government, what is more cost effective, subsidizing $600 a month or paying out over $1000 a month in Disability pensions?
Fampyra should be available to all Australians at an affordable cost, please help me get this message across by signing and sharing this petition.
Together we can all have a voice and be heard.

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