Pay the firefighters

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Fire fighters in Rural Fire Services do not get paid for their efforts. With unprecedented and catastrophic fires burning across NSW and Queensland, the burden of fire fighting in these fierce conditions, followed by containment and cleanup, is unfairly expected from these brave volunteers.

in addition, the severity of the fires and the long periods that the fire-fighters are on active duty, these brave souls are at high risk of burn out and PTSD. After this long term exposure in critical conditions it will be difficult to just return to their usual life as “business as usual”.

They have already faced a record number of fires rated as critical and extreme fire danger, and the Summer season has yet to start. The cost to these fire fighters and their families can only continue to rise. They have already fought in relentless conditions without reasonable relief. The burden of trying to rebuild communities and their own livelihoods cannot be continued to be demanded of them.

As a community Australia needs to find a way to PAY THEM! The sacrifice of these courageous people must be recognised!

The system needs to change to acknowledge that volunteers can not be expected to respond to this level of environmental challenges without greater support from the whole community.