Make catcalling illegal in Australia

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Recent estimates suggest that 84 per cent of women first experience street harassment before the age of 17.

Among Australian women, 87 per cent experience sexual harassment in their lifetimes, with harassment ranging from catcalling and wolf-whistling to more severe forms such as groping and stalking.

This is not ok. It needs to stop. and it starts with you. Let's end this in Australia and make it illegal to catcall. 

In collaboration with researchers from Australian Catholic University, The ABC ran a study of 81 young women across metropolitan Melbourne.

The women in our study were instructed to install an app on their smartphones. The app was programmed to beep 10 times per day over a seven-day period.

At each beep, participants indicated whether they had experienced an objectifying event, and the type of event they had encountered.

The ABC found that women experienced objectification on average 3.69 times over the week, equating to more than once every two days.
The most common form was the objectifying gaze (making up 55 per cent of objectifying experiences).

Catcalls and wolf-whistles were reported in 11 per cent of women's experiences, and sexual remarks in 10 per cent.

Sign the petition and pass it on to every person you know regardless of gender. France has passed the law let's do it aswell Australians. 



Illustration by @camixvx