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Legalise Gay Marriage

This is for my baby girl who is lesbian and who I love dearly!!!

We are one country with such a diversity of people. Love is love no matter who or what their sexuality , creed, religion , colour or race . Gay couples are recognized for the purposes of centrelink payments and taxes. Why should only heterosexual couples be allowed to commit to another by marriage. We no longer live in the dark ages , this debate had been going on for so long now . Being allowed to have a registered relationship is like a kick in the &$@ . I believe everyone in Australia is affected by this , by either having or knowing someone's son, daughter,cousin,uncle,aunty, mother,father or friend who are gay. Why are we treating these wonderful human beings as second class. I'm personally affected by this my daughter is a lesbian and her mother I would love to see my get married just like every other parent out there. My daughter doesn't want any special treatment like a lot of gay people out their they just want to have the same rights to get married as heterosexual couples do. You know when you hire an employee you can not discriminate against race, religion, colour, creed, tradition or sexuality , so why the heck are gay people being discriminated against having the same rights as everyone else, you get a job based on qualification and merit. Not because of your sexuality. Were any of the politicians in parliament asked to answer that question on their job applications. Gillard is quoted as saying " Australia is far more advanced then any other country" I think not!!!!!! I think it's time we get to have a public referendum on this topic- let Australia have their say, let us taxpayers make the decision . By signing this petition we are telling the polititions leading this country that we want equal rights for all Australians.... And to stop using the Christianity excuse to hide behind because there is nothing holy or Christian like about many members of parliament through there behaviours. I would also love to get all gay groups and organizations in every state of Australia to stage a day of peaceful protest/rally all on the same day and the same time and spread the word that it is open to everyone and anyone gay, hetero, bi, trans,leso etc etc. Let the masses speak, standing together makes us strong. So I urge you sign so that we can be heard loud and clear"LEGALISE GAY MARRIAGE, give everyone the same rights!!!!

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