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Hold a referendum on population growth.

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There is probably no single factor which has more influence over the function and health of a society than the number of people within that society. Yet the Australian government deliberately expands our population every year with no public consultation whatsoever. Through both foreign policy (immigration) and domestic policy (taxation, 'baby bonuses' etc) governments are able to deliberately manipulate population size. Pyramid schemes such as this are illegal in most countries because they inevitably collapse and usually with disastrous consequences. Population size directly affects almost every aspect of our lives from the state of the natural environment to the cost of housing. Expanding the population further has far-reaching, often irreversible consequences. Population policy is far too serious a matter to be determined by a handful of politicians who are so easily influenced by shortsighted groups with vested interests. There have never been more people living on this planet and in this country than there are at this minute. Overpopulation is a serious global problem. In the absence of any global leadership we should take responsibility at a state level and lead by example. Before we deliberately expand the population further it is imperative that the general public discuss, debate and consider its consequences. A well informed electorate and referendum on this matter is the only way to ensure genuine democratic progress. On this most serious issue we can il afford to have it determined any other way. Let the people decide!

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