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Grant Davenport started this petition to Australian federal government

This petition was started due to the hypocritical indifference of how the Australian Government sees unborn babies and their value of life.

Currently it is illegal to have an abortion in Australia after 28 weeks of pregnancy due to the unborn child's "value of life" even though it has not taken a breath out of the womb. YET when an unborn child is killed by way of murder or accidental manslaughter while still in the womb, the law states that the baby is NOT recognised as a human life because it hasn't taken it's own first unaided breath out of the womb. It is a double standard of the highest degree. 

Widespread media attention is currently on the abortion debate and the centre of the debate is the value of life put on an unborn child. 

***Let it be known that this petition is NOT debating if pregnancy termination should or shouldn't be allowed - that's a personal choice for the individual.***  This is about the equal life of an unborn child when it comes to their human rights.

On Friday evening on the 28th September 2018, Katherine Hoang, 23 with her unborn twin boys, her husband Bronco and a 17-year-old relative were travelling along the Northern Rd at Orchard Hills minding their own business not doing anything wrong. They had the world ahead of them and the excitement of knowing Katherine was due to give birth in just a few weeks time. 

Travelling towards them in the opposite direction was Richard Moananu, 29, an unlicensed and allegedly drug affected driver, was travelling at speeds of more than 100km/h when his Mazda jumped the median strip, crossed onto the wrong side of the road and slammed into the path of their Nissan Tiida. Both Katherine Hoang and her 17-year-old relative were killed instantly. The twin baby boys were also killed from the impact. They did not stand a chance of survival. 

Moananu, a father-of-four who police say was unlicensed, faced 10 charges including two counts of manslaughter, ( for Katherine and her 17-year-old relative )  two counts of aggravated dangerous driving occasioning death and two counts negligent driving occasioning death.

Now this is why I started this petition - they two unborn boys did not have any influence on the sentencing of the driver because they had not yet been born even though they were only weeks off birth. 

A relative, Lucy La, started a gofundme page to help support the family financially. In a Facebook post, Ms La wrote “justice needs to be served”.

She told news.com.au that the comment was made because many have voiced how upset and devastated they are that the "two manslaughter charges do not cover the deaths of the unborn children".

“We are upset as these babies were already part of the family and they did die in the accident,” she said.

“Unfortunately only two out of four lives were recognised,” she said.

A NSW Police spokesman said enquiries into the crash were continuing.

“Advice is being sought by investigators regarding legal action relating to the death of the unborn twins,” he said.

Sources close to the investigation told The Daily Telegraph that police could lay further charges over the death of the unborn babies after a post mortem, but “it is a grey area of the law”.

The source said “it depends whether the unborn twins are classed as foetuses or children”.

And that is the point of my petition right there - "The source said “it depends whether the unborn twins are classed as foetuses or children”. Yet if Katherine, or any mother was in that same point of their pregnancy and they wanted to abort or terminate their pregnancy, it would be illegal because the unborn babies are "too far along" to be legally terminated.

That double standard needs addressing and it needs addressing IMMEDIATELY ! 

We want the same legal rights in both cases for the unborn child. 

Please SIGN THIS PETITION and help make a change to this double standard of Government policy. 

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