Drought proofing Australian farmland.

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Australia is currently undergoing one of the worst droughts in the last 100 years. It is taking a disastrous toll on farmers in Australia, livestock and the welfare of Australian food production. Australians are at risk of losing one of our largest and most prized assets, our amazing food. Australia is regarded by many countries as a place where food is second to none. 

Unfortunately the Australian government has not invested any significant amount into our agricultural industry to fortify it against natural events such as drought. 

Whilst the central areas of Australia are experiencing drought the northern areas of Australia such as Nth Queensland and Northern Territory experience abundant rainfall every year. In 1938, Dr. John Bradfield proposed a plan to build a pipeline from Northern Australia to the central areas of Australia to effectively provide year round water supply and to drought-proof Australian farmlands. 

It's time the government starts building it. Australians would rather see the billions of dollars that would normally go overseas to places like sub-saharan Africa and the Middle East, go into our own future and to protect one of our greatest commodities and keep our farmers on the land. 

Details of the Bradfield Scheme from wikipedia. 

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