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We Australians are sick and tired of the violent acts committed in our cities by the young male refugees from South Sudan and Somalia. There are examples of them surrounding cars and demanding money; chasing our young women with intent to rape them; robbing service stations and shops (Apex gang); invading homes, even while people are in them; stealing cars; and the recent bashing up of two police women by a male and female refugee from one of those African countries.

We demand that these criminal refugees be deported back to where they came from as soon as they are convicted of committing a serious crime. If this is done to even just a few of them, it will send a strong message to the rest and, hopefully, they will start to act like normal human beings.

They should not have been allowed to enter Australia in the first place but, now that they are here, something effective has to be done to solve the horrific problems they are creating in our once peaceful society. They are the only immigrants, out of all of the myriad cultures who have settled in Australia, that just don't fit in, probably because they are coming from war zones and are incapable of integrating and becoming normal Australian citizens.

Something needs to be done now rather than later, when the problem becomes unmanageable. Britain's present problems with immigrants and their children is a good example of what could happen here if something is not done before it is too late.