Assistance for those quarantined with Coronavirus

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We need all levels of government to act with the current health issue of coronavirus. Many of those quarantined will have no access to essential daily items including medications. A lot of people who work casually, or live from pay check to pay check will have no income. People will lose jobs. These same people also won't be able to visit Centrelink. A system needs to be established to ensure affected people remain in their homes without the added stress of no food, other essential items or money to pay rent etc. All levels of government need to be involved.

The issue of homeless people also needs to be addressed. Regardless of the current lack of care, how are the homeless even meant to quarantine themselves let alone protect themselves and many won't seek medical advice due to already ongoing issues.

A central body needs to be established to tackle these issues immediately and be given the power to act without lengthy bureaucratic hold-ups.

Everyone regardless of location, financial situation or any circumstance need to be looked after. We pay our taxes and this is why. Immediate action is needed as panic hoarding and people going to work with the virus has already impacted many lives and businesses.