A Health Card for Medical & Dental Care for all Forgotten Australians.

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We the Forgotten Australian Survivors call on the Federal Government to provide efficient and on going Medical Dental & Counselling to all survivors raised in Orphanages Children's Homes & Foster Care across Australia during the last century. We would like to see this implemented in the form of a Health Card similar to the Gold Card that the War Veterans have acquired. This will not only cover Health Dental & Counselling, but will also include public transport, and other forms of transport used to help obtain and gain access to Health Care.

For a high percentage of survivors of these orphanages and childrens homes the quality of life is very poor. Many are living in rooming houses, bedsits, caravans, cars, and on the streets due to being thown out of the institutions once they reached a certain age. Many had no coping skills to cope with an outside world that was completely foreign to them after spending most or all of their childhoods in these institutions. The Government had a duty of care to provide adequate medical and dental care to these chidren who were in their so called "care" but failed to do so. But yet gave permission for many of these children to be used as guinea pigs in medical experiments, including drug, vaccinations and electric shock treatment. Children were also used as unpaid child labour in laundries and on farms while those who ran these Institutions were paid for thier work.

Many Forgotten Australians are still suffering the effects of horrific torture and abuse inflicted on them while in these Institutions & Foster Care, and as a result of this abuse it has permanently left the majority of Forgotten Australian Survivors, physically, mentally, emotionally and/or psychologically challenged on a day to day basis. We cannot change the past but those responsible or those who have inherited the power from those responsible can help right the wrongs of the past and give back to those who suffered so much, some respect & dignity and much needed compassion and understanding.