We demand senator Fraser Anning to Resign

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We demand the Australian Electoral Commission to make Senator Fraser Anning to resign after his hateful and Muslim-o-phobic tweets .

49 Muslim mosque-goers lost their lives  and dozens injured to three right-wing white supremacists when they entered two mosques in Christchurch and started firing indiscriminately. The shooters made no effort to hide their bigotry towards Muslims. To make matters worse, an Australian senator, Fraser Anning made a series of hateful tweets using this event to spread his anti-Muslim immigration propaganda. He has since deleted four of his tweets but many of us were horrified and can't unsee his tweets. Instead of coming out and showing support to the victims, he stomped on the dead bodies of the victims who have left wives, brothers, mothers, fathers and children behind who will never see them again.

Australia has no place for leaders like this, our world has already suffered a lot and is likely to keep suffering violence as long as people like Senator Fraser Anning occupies a powerful position within the senate so let us stand together and say we do not want people like Senator Fraser Anning in our senate.