Restrict and Stop GetUp in our political system, property rights and election interference

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WITHOUT PREJUDICE ; Get Up, an internationalist activist group, has an economic ideology driven agenda to interfere and make false and misleading statements about our political systems , in particular, Federal Elections, and the promotion of falsehoods regarding the “;independence “ of candidates. We claim that the candidates are both supported by getup, funded by getup, and the provision of many other electioneering benefits, such as ‘ secret message services’. Get up sponsored candidates in Australian elections clearly contradict the AEC controlled regulations. Labelled correctly as economic vandals and activists sponsored by Get Up, the Candidates purporting to be independent, are NOT so, having been provided in some cases vast sums of moneys for campaign purposes, creating an inequity in this regard.

These candidates are NOT independent, however, they claim to be, and denying this funding and support is commonplace, adding to the false and misleading position surrounding their candidacy. We ask only that the same standards are applied equally for political organisations in Australia , and for Get up to be so classified.

Classify GET UP correctly as a foreign backed political organisation immediately. Correct the misinformation and falsehoods being foisted onto the Australian voting public that they have been subjected to.