I need to be reunited with my loved one for my mental health

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I've been separated from my Partner now for 8 months due to Covid not allowing him to come to Australia to be with me. My job is a full time Gaming live streamer , I am an ambassador for Facebook Gaming and proud to be representing Australia as a gamer and content creator. I have a duty and a responsibility to uphold a positive and fun environment in my streams to make a place of peace of mind for my community (413k followers) a place they can come hang out , forget their worries , unite together in gaming and have an escape in the crazy crisis the world is going through. I pride my self in my craft and I try wake up everyday positive to produce a stream that will impact people lives and shed some light in a time that's so dark. I've found pride in people committed to my streams everyday that have expressed how it's a place that is so welcoming, so positive, so uplifting and motivational. I've have been Strong for 8 months but I have felt a decrease in my mental & physical  health, being apart from the person I love , I have a duty to uphold to such a large audience and community but I'm finding it so hard to be their for them and myself when I'm facing my own battles being separated from the person I love so dearly.