Australian WHV entry extension request Covid-19

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Due to the unforeseeable pandemic of Covid-19, hundreds of working holiday visa holders cannot enter Australia before the expiry of their entry date.

These people have dreamt of coming to Australia for years and they’ve changed their lives to do so. Some arranged sabbaticals, quit jobs, arranged to give up tenancies and so on to make the WHV work for them.

None of us could foresee the outbreak of covid-19, if so I am confident that we all would’ve waited to apply for our WHV’s or at least made sure we had entered Australia sooner. With the borders being closed it is making all travel plans hard, the WHV holders are finding it nearly impossible to plan any future travel and especially enter the country. Many of us have our visa expiry dates looming and would still love to enter Australia after the pandemic has passed however at present Australian Department of Home Affairs have refused to extend the expiry date for first entry on any working holiday visa.

This seems like a very unfair approach from Australian Department of Home Affairs for all WHV holders, especially for the people who have applied and gained visas just before turning 31 or who have applied from a country who have limited numbers accepted for WHV per year.

We are asking that all of the working holiday visas that are due to expire during the pandemic and border closures are extended until we can all move from country to country freely again without risking ours or anyone else’s health and safety.

We appreciate that every working holiday visa allows 1 year for travellers to enter Australia.  However, I would like to point out that a lot of people apply for the visa and then have to request the time off of work, save money, give notice to their landlords and prepare. There are hundreds of reasons why people wait until towards the end of their visa entry date to enter the country. Please hear our voices and extend the first entry date for everyone who has not yet entered Australia.

We eagerly await your response.