Allow Gavin McInnes & Tommy Robinson Into Australia (Revoke denied Visa)

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After a petition that was signed by 80,000 politically correct persons who could not even concieve the idea of hearing alternative points of view, have denied Gavin McInnes' visa into Australia as well as Tommy Robinson.

The Department of Home Affairs to revoke the denied Visa and allow Gavin McInnes to enter Australia and complete his tour with Tommy Robinson.

It's completely bigoted to not allow someone into Australia because of their personal opinions and beliefs (thought liberals didn't like doing that) and it is completely false to claim that Gavin McInnes is Alternative right or an "extremist", he has denied these accusations on multiple occasions in the past.

It's the right of Australians to be able to attend a private event in which they can participate in their political ideologies and be able to hear a different opinion than to what is mainstream in Australia. It's a right for Australian citizen to attend private events in which political communication and comedy is expressed.

It's time for Australians to hear some alternative viewpoints instead of living in a liberal fantasy.