Resume the search for Gulf Livestock 1 survivors!

Resume the search for Gulf Livestock 1 survivors!

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We are writing to you as the friends & family of Will Mainprize, one of the Australian nationals who is still missing along with 39 other crew members of the Gulf Livestock 1 after its sinking in the East China Sea on September 2. Other crew members include Australian Lukas Orda, New Zealanders Scott Harris & Lochie Bellerby and 36 men from the Philippines – all whose family and friends are pleading with their respective governments to resume the search for survivors.

As of 8pm, September 9, the Japan Coast Guard officially scaled down their search to regular patrols. Since then, the Australian government has stated they've offered support to Japan to help with the search. Japan is yet to accept the offer.

All family & friends from the remaining crew members are desperately requesting that the Japanese government accept Australia's offer to cooperate in continuing the search by offering physical help and/or funding.

Australia, New Zealand & Japan have very good relations and there is no good reason the countries cannot cooperate to continue this desperate search for the remaining survivors.

The information we have from the last found survivor (via the Australian Consular Emergency Centre) is that all crew members except three were on the bridge in life jackets, ready to enter life vessels. This survivor was unfortunately washed overboard when a large wave hit the boat. This is the last he can recall.

Given this information and that 40 crew members, 1 lifeboat & 4 auto-deployed life rafts are still unaccounted – why has the search been suspended and why are our governments not doing more to help?

Where are the remaining vessels?

Where are the remaining crew?

I for one know Australia has a longstanding history of going over & beyond for missing persons stranded at sea. Such examples include Malaysian Flight MH370, Tony Bullimore’s $6m rescue mission from the Southern Ocean in 1997 and more recently, the three sailors found only days ago in the Western Pacific in a joint rescue mission between Australian & US forces.

In the spirit of Australia & New Zealand, we along with our respective governments can certainly be doing more to rescue these men – especially when working together.


61,777 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!