Save Captel Captioned Phones for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Australians

I am hearing impaired i dont use captel myself as i am happy with my current TTY phone but i did also like captioned relay (through the app) before they changed it and made it so that you cannot receive calls through this service you can only ring out on it! It was a backup for me if my TTY service or NBN phone line (dont get me started) broke down! But because of gov changing NRS to not have receiving calls TTY is now the ONLY way people can ring me so if it breaks or the phone line is down then i have no backup.
That being said i beleive that every person who is Deaf or HOH should have a CHOICE about what service they use people who have captel love it and they wanrt it to stay and if someone said sorry we are cancelling your TTY service then honestly i would be devastated because i love calling through TTY (it was a LOT betrter when the call centre was here in Australia but they seem to have improved it in the past few weeks!) So i think BOTH NRS services should STAY!

Erin McKenzie-Christensen, Adelaide, Australia
2 years ago
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