Mandatory body cameras on all Australian law enforcement officers

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Too often body cams are switched on and off at an officer's will meaning they can act as they please without repercussion; this leads to a he-said-she-said scenario where the general public nearly always come off worse. Too often it has been proven police use this non-recorded time to act violently and unethically towards members of the public, often without provocation and/or justification. Since police investigate police and have proven to have a cover up culture, the current legislation with regards to body cams is not good enough. The public deserve transparency, and should the police be acting within the law, there is no issue with wearing continuously recording body cams. If you're not behaving unlawfully and unethically, there should be nothing to hide, right? 

This is a call to the Australian Government to implement legislation enforcing the National mandatory use of non tamper continuous recording cameras for all frontline law enforcement officers for the safety of the public and law enforcement, and the transparency of all matters for all parties involved.