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The right to apply for practical exam any time before theory exam expires

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the new criteria stated by the ADC on the website that restrict appliying for the practical exam only for certain candidates dramatically affected many candidates especially candidates who passed theory exam in march /September 2015 .

as many candidates couldn't secure a seat for practical in 2016 (due to the previous method for applying online)and only had the chance to apply and appear the clinical only in 2017 then   Denied the right to apply and appear for practical exam in march 2018 

with all the respect but this is very stressful and unpredictable process as it was never stated by the ADC that certain exams will be restricted for certain candidates or that there will be any parameters which will allocate certain dates for certain candidates. The theory exam validity is 3years but under these circumstances it looks like it's much more less   And no one can really use this time frame to get a fair chance to appear for clinical.

the priority should be given to candidates whom theory is about to expire and it's really stressful to be announced by the ADC suddenly that there will be changes in parameters and criteria .

we kindly request that 

  1. priority to apply and appear for clinical exam is for candidates with expiring theory exam in 2018 .
  2. candides who appeared only one time during the last 2yeas should get the first priority to secure a seat in 2018 .

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