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Fair chance at Australian Dental Council Practical Examination

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Dear ADC team,

We undersigned, the candidates of practical examination held on November 24th – 26th 2017 would like to bring awareness to the ADC regarding the issues we faced unexpectedly during our exam, due to the changes were made to the exam format without any advanced notice which are against the practical exam’s handbook principles. Page 5 of the handbook indicates: “The format of the ADC examination process has been approved for the purposes of registration in Australia. The ADC cannot vary the format of the examination, or grant exemptions from the requirements of the examinations.”

At this exam, ADC scheduled Provisional Crown task on Day 1, which the practical examination handbook (Copyright June 2017, latest edition, page 15) clearly mentions that this task will be scheduled on Day 2; furthermore to be fabricated on the Porcelain Fused to Metal crown prepared by candidates which again is in contrast with principles and instructions laid out in the handbook : “Fabrication of a provisional crown for a tooth pre-prepared for a metal – ceramic (Porcelain fused to metal) crown. This task will be scheduled on Day 2 of the assessment and the original, unprepared tooth will be present in the models used on Day 1 of the Assessment.” – pg. 15 of the handbook

Please find below the link to the ADC Practical Examination Handbook.

Hence we would like to highlight the adverse impacts of this misconduct:

● Increased number of tasks on day 1 dramatically lead to severe time crunch to complete all given tasks thoroughly.

● Candidates who managed to complete all the tasks in such short time ended up jeopardizing their performance in almost every task.

● Many candidates were unable to complete all the given tasks.

● Candidates tried to report this as a misconduct on the day of the examination to the invigilators, but they were advised that there would be nothing that could be done at that point and the candidates had to aim at completing all the tasks; as leaving incomplete tasks would be considered as a fail grade which adversely brought about more stress, trouble concentrating and apparently affected candidates performance on both days.

● As the exam time-table was set disproportionately between two days and the fact that the Provisional Crown and Porcelain Fused to Metal tasks are co-related (this means that in order to achieve a good result in one task, a candidate had to make sure the optimal performance on the other one and vice versa) these cumulatively affected the candidates time management and had a negative influence on their performance.

We the undersigned have worked extremely hard, dedicated months, sacrificed family, work and social life to reach to this stage and an incident like this is not expected from an organisation like ADC when they have clearly mentioned in their strategic plan policy 2016 – 2019 publication that ADC has “ fair, thorough and robust accreditation and assessment processes“.

Based on such a serious professional misconduct committed by ADC and for a fair chance to our clinical assessment, we seek the following resolutions:

a) Pass grade in Porcelain fused to metal crown task

b) Pass grade in the fabrication of provisional crown task

c) Leniency towards assessment of other tasks.

d) Candidates who are still unsuccessful be offered a re-sit at no additional cost at the earliest time possible.

Results are expected to be announced in first week of January 2018 and hence we would appreciate your response to our legitimate complaint as early as possible.

Kind Regards, 

November 2017 Practical Examination Candidates.


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