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Australian Cyber League (ACL) to hold a Halo 4 State Of Origins 1K LAN.

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While initially Halo fans from around the world felt neglected by the new developers of the franchise, the several months of added work and effort into Halo 4 made not only the gameplay bearable, but it made it fun. All the changes, fixes, patches and tuning are finally paying off. You can see this through the return of pros and the growth of the competitive community. Unfortunately, for those of us here in Australia, the competitive league that was founded on, through Halo, has given up on the game and hence dropped it from the 2013 circuit. While we understand that financially it was the best decision, we feel that Halo 4 wasn't given a proper goodbye considering the announcement's short notice. I'm sure players passionate enough about this game would happily represent their state by attending the LAN. Not only this, but with support from communities such as Beyond Entertainment and given that the event would be expected to be live streamed, we can guarantee a solid viewership and thus grant ACL more exposure, internationally. Considering that the tournament is of a relatively small scale, the prize money doesn't have to be amazing, i'm sure the opportunity to play the NEW Halo 4, on LAN, competitively, would suffice. Please consider this for ACL Sydney 2013 as, by then, the game will be at it's highest point (release of the champions bundle/new maps, new settings). It will allow for Halo 4 to be better recognised on a competitive level here in Australia, help ACL become more exposed around the world and most importantly give respect to the ACL Halo community and, in case it doesn't return at LAN events in 2014, allow the game to go out with a bang.

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