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Hold True Value Solar accountable for defrauding customers

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The company True Value Solar has defrauded and cheated many customers by: 

  • NOT RESPONDING to rightful requests for technicians to homes of customers to complete jobs and/or fix issues
  •  Selling parts that the government has issued a fire and electrocution risk 
  • Voiding warranties if people hire other parties to clean up TVS’s mistakes 
  • Causing people to pay energy bills due to faulty products or poor service 
  • Hiding reviews and censoring posts from unhappy customers

 List of past misdemeanours by TVS:

True Value Solar should compensate all customers who deserve compensation, without buyers needing to jump through hoops. Dear ACCC, please confront True Value Solar and mandate something to make this happen. 


My story:

My name is Megan and I started this petition because I paid upfront for a solar panel system that I can’t use.

The company has repeatedly ignored my phone calls and emails.... and I discovered I am, by far, not the only one. True Value Solar sold me a monitoring system on my phone and gave the electrician wrong cables and he could not complete the job. They have ignored multiple requests to send someone out again. 

In December True Value Solar sent a mass email to customers for a faulty product recall asking all systems to be shut down. The same electrician contacted the General Manager to get my panels working and yet I still haven’t heard from the business. I discovered they sent a recall in 2014 as well. 

True Value Solar has shown that they ignore further requests from customers for help. They sell faulty products that have caused rusting, fire and melting.

TVS voids warranties if people seek help elsewhere.  Households are left to pay out of pocket for energy bills they should not be paying for and extra help they should not be paying for.

In the past, TVS paid people to write positive reviews. Today True Value Solar misleads the public by censoring negative reviews. Customers are not making an informed choice when they read these reviews and buy with TVS. 

True Value Solar was fined a small sum of $13200 in 2011 for misleading the public. This cost less than what I paid them. They should be held accountable much more for what they have done. 

True Value Solar demonstrates they ONLY listen to customers who are vocal on social media... and the ACCC. 

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