Stop Australian Immigration from deporting me back to Brazil


Stop Australian Immigration from deporting me back to Brazil

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Pedro Fernandes started this petition to Peter Dutton (Minister for Home Affairs) and

My name is Pedro, 27 years old, Brazilian born. I am starting this petition to try stop Australia immigration from deporting me back to my home country Brazil.

I came to Australia with my Father, mother and sister in 2005 for a better life style. My dad decided for the best interest of my family to come here and start a fresh start away from all the violence and bad living conditions in Brazil.

I came here on a student visa and started high school in year 8.

After not long being in Australia in 2007 I started a relationship with an Australian girl and in 2010 we had a beautiful daughter called Marissa and not long after in 2011 Me and my partner got married and I applied for my spouse partner visa. After many ups and downs and having a kid so young put a lot of stress in the relationship and end up separating in 2012.

Not long after that in early 2012 my parents had to go back to Brazil to apply for the permanent resident visa since they couldn't apply from inside Australia. Under a lot of pressure my mother wasn't coping well at all from being away from me and my sister and not being guaranteed 100% they would be able to get their permanent residence and return to Australia. Suffering from strong depression she end up committing suicide in Brazil.

I found myself in a really big hole. Being by myself in this country without family support I made some really bad decisions in my life. Was heavily abusing drugs and being homeless at times I got myself in trouble and owe money for a drug debt.

Without thinking straight and no guidance I committed an Armed Robbery and was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months.

I know there's no excuse to justifies my offences and I deeply regret my actions and take full responsibility for my actions.

After being released out of custody, I thought id change my ways and not turn back to crime. I completed my Personal training course and was working. After 1 year on being on parole I found myself in trouble again after a group of man started a fight at a hotel room and I was charged for affray. Without being able to prove my innocence in court and getting self-defence I was sentence to 9 months ICO ( intensive correctional order). That ICO was breached by not turning up to community service and I was sent back to prison again.

After not long in being in custody my visa was cancelled under the section 501 immi act.

I am now currently in Villawood Detention Centre facing deportation back to Brazil.

On the 6th of December the delegate made a decision to not revoke the cancellation of my visa based on (1) Risk to the Australian community (2) best interest of child under 18 years old. (3) Expectation of the Australia community.

Having a 7 years old child  wasn't good enough to revoke the decision. I don't understand how a child can be separated from a father at a such young age. In immigrations eyes I am too much of a risk of re-offending and the Australian community would expect me to be deported.

So with a help from all my friends, friends of friends and the Australian community im trying to get as much as signatures to go against this decision.

All my friends knows how much of a good person I am and caring for others.I always put other people before me and make sure they are doing fine. I got nothing but good intentions to help people and care for others. I have made some bad choices in the past but I deserve another chance to prove to my family, friends and to the Australia community that I can contribute a lot to this country and raise my beautiful daughter that needs me here with her.

I appreciate a lot for you time for reading this.

Thank you   


This petition made change with 817 supporters!