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Australian Classification Board: Stop censoring our entertainment

After the games Saints Row IV and State of Decay were recently modified to meet the Australian classification guidelines, it is obvious that us Australians are still having our entertainment censored. This is because of the Australian Classification Board's flawed guidelines of what mature content in films or video games Australians should be allowed to have access to. More recent examples of entertainment censorship in Australia include the censoring of the movies I Want Your Love, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) and A Serbian Film, to name a few. Why is the Australian Classification Board still restricting mature content from adults and what are they protecting them from?

Please sign this petition as a way to encourage the Australian Classification Board to review our flawed classification system, as well as encourage them to reconsider what content in entertainment should be restricted from the Australian public.

For more information on the issue of entertainment censorship in Australia visit -

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Letter to
Australian Classification Board
Please review the classification system. It does not make sense for the Australian Classification Board to restrict mature content from adults. After all, what will restricting such content - that is allowed to be accessed in other developed democracies around the world - protect adults from?

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