De-register the ACL!

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  • We call upon the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission to de-register the Australian Christian Lobby as a charity, thus receiving special benefits from taxpayers. The group, as the name makes clear, is a lobby group that does not engage in any charitable activity in the accepted sense of the word. 
  • The Governance Standards of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission states that activities must be non-profit and must be for the public benefit.  In raising funds for Israel Folou, we believe that the ACL has acted for a private benefit, and not in a charitable manner. Israel Folou was sacked by administrators of Rugby Australia (RA) for breaching his employment contract.
  • Further, we call upon the Australian Federal government to remove the clause of the Charities Act which allows for "Advancing Religion" as sufficient reason for an organization to receive charitable status. Religious organizations who wish to be recognized as charities must engage in the same charitable activities as non-religious organizations (e.g., advance health, education, welfare, human rights, animal welfare etc). No special benefits or restrictions should apply to an organization because of their religious belief.

  • We also encourage individuals to raise concerns directly to the ACNC with the behaviour of the ACL to try to use the "advancing religion" clause for a private, non-charitable, benefit.

This petition is initiated by the Victorian Secular Lobby, Inc., a non-profit incorporated association. The VSL is not a registered charity and does not seek to become one.