Remove the Australian Christian Lobby's tax free charity status!

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The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is registered as a charity within Australia and is therefore exempt from certain taxes. They have repeatedly used their funds to promote anti LGBTIQ views. Most recently setting up a donation page for multimillionaire Israel Folau and themselves donating $100000 which they received tax free from donations.

While people are allowed to donate to Folau, I do not believe the Australian tax payer should have to foot the bill in lost taxes. 

Other areas the ACL has used tax free funds to lobby include:

- Against same sex marriage and adoption. 

- For the right to legally discriminate against on the basis of sexual orientation. 

- For allowing parents to use "conversion therapy" to change children's sexual orientation. 

- Against women's right to choose, including safe zones around abortion clinics

In 2013 a similar group in New Zealand called Family First NZ had their charity status revoked for similar reasons. Sign and share if you believe Australia should do the same! 

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