Ban 'The Privilege Bridge' Episode of Girls Change the World on ABC ME

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Recently, for the show 'Girls Change the World' on ABC ME (formerly ABC 3), an episode titled 'The Privelage Bridge' was aired. In this episode, hosts 'Pip' and 'Rad' attempted to musically explain the subjective topic of 'White Privelage' to a juvenile audience. 

Not only is the nature of this episode highly political and controversial; the examples of white males and the nature of which the show is structured (as if the content were fact) is morally and logically improper. This sort of thing is taboo enough in the adult world, but to be subjecting children and pre-teens to content that can only be described as propoganda is a public disgrace, and especially heinous for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for having the nerve to shoot the episode let alone air it on mainstream television.

Because of this, I believe the content is inappropriate to be distributed on free to air television (and television of any kind targetting children of such a young age).

Therefore I am asking you all for support to prevent this kind of thing from being aired further by petitioning the ABC, the ABC ME channel and the Australian Communications and Media Authority for immediate removal of the content. Hopefully, in doing this we will also send a message to the media that we don't permit our children being brainwashed and that we have the right to filter the content that is displayed in our living rooms.